Back to the Gym

Went back to the gym today for the first time in 5 days.  I had to take a break because I had worn a very deep, very sore blister into my heel.  I spent the entire weekend and two days this week either with my foot in a salt/epsom salt bath or with a salt paste tape to the spot.  That booger was deep and hurt…hurt…hurt!  Well, today I got home from school and took a peek at that very persistent blister and viola!  It had popped and all the infection had come out…and it was gross! So, silly me put on my gym clothes (because I swear I have gained a small child with all the holiday eating and now a long break from the gym!) and bandaged that heel and headed to the treadmill…where after 20 minutes and a mile and a half, I stepped off the treadmill.  Seemed although my head said, “Go forth and purge the stress of the day!” my heel said, “Have you lost your ever-loving mind woman?  This is a hole in you heel that you could park a Prius in!  Get off the treadmill!!!”  and because there was blood, I listened to my heel and got on the stationary bike!  HA!  Take that you tenacious Pain in the Foot!  Ummm..PITF doesn’t really spell anything does it?  Not a great workout, but anything is better than nothing!  Oh, and I got started on my new mind-candy novel Surrender Your Love by J.C. Reed-nothing like reading about ridiculously beautiful people who fall in love and have an implausibly romantic bedroom life to make the pain disappear!  Oh yeah, and at 26 she gets the job of a lifetime and gets to go to Italy on her first day at work!!!!  I know, I know, you were thinking this mirrors your life to a tee-me too!  That’s why I keep reading!