#TeachersWrite-Monday Morning Warm-up

So today’s warm-up was to write about the realization our main character has that propels the emotional part of the story.  Here is what I am slowly but surely writing about.

This is a story about a sister who realizes that happiness isn’t about having it all; it’s about appreciating what you have. So, she has to work to repair a relationship with her sister, her parents, and the love of her life after getting pregnant by the boy next door who is in love with her sister. 
This story is important to me because I think today’s society struggles with the need to have it all.  We tell students they have to be the best, the thinnest, the prettiest, the most popular, the most athletic, the smartest, the best personality, the nicest-and if you are lacking in any of these areas, well there is a pill or lotion or self-help book or video workout series or tutoring app/service that can help you “be all that you can be”.  Maybe instead of trying to be the best in the eyes of others, we should worry about being the best “me” I can be.



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