The Dentist

Okay Moms, you take your kids to the dentist every 6 months and it stinks, but it is manageable, right? So, here was my experience today…

3 kids
1 special needs with ventilator support in a wheelchair
1 Mom
1 nurse

So, we arrive and are called back in minutes. I had just pulled out my book and the tabs I was using to mark, when the hygienist came to see us. Pens, highliters, and tabs hit the floor while she waits….crickets are squeaking in the background while I collect all the stuff from the floor.

Off we go!

Jake goes into a private room while the girls hit the games on the counter to the side waiting their turn. I have to admit at this point that I have no idea what they do in that office! I know what they do to Jake. I love our dentist, Dr. S is the BOMB! And I am sure they are doing what they are suppose to be doing because we haven’t had a cavity yet-but still, what happened out there is a complete mystery because i am in the special room with Jake.

The hygienist was awesome with Jake today. She kept encouraging him and telling him to open his mouth-FYI, he CANNOT open his mouth! You are doing it for him! And he knows this because he is a SMART kid! But, honestly she was trying so hard that I couldn’t correct her….even Scarlett whispered in my ear, “Mom. doesn’t she know he can’t open his mouth?” Out of the mouths of babes!

Then the blood came. That girl was going to get EVERY LAST SPECK OF PLAQUE she could find! It was her mission! She was not going to allow Dr. S to find a speck of anything bad on poor Jake’s teeth! I was getting concerned. He doesn’t chew and so I was worried her zeal was going to loosen a permanent tooth-what then? We managed to turn his bipap prongs around so he could breath while she tortured his mouth. That boy WAS A TROOPER! The doc said EVERYONE was good to go! REALLY-those girls are the worst brushers in the world and they are clean! SERIOUSLY!

We got out of there-Mel got stuck alone in the elevator, a new drama!-and went to Chick-fil-a for lunch, by CVS for Jake’s meds, and then home. Here is where my experience changes from that of a typical mom-I was worn out! I got him out of the van, into the house, up to his room, and then I crashed on the sofa! Who knew a trip to the dentist would be the equivalent of running a marathon!

Breathe deep-6 months til our January appointment!


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