Siblings-#TeachersWrite Monday

The house is settling. The television is blaring a summer favorite, “Under the Dome.” I love the story line of people being trapped inside a place where they can see the outside world, but they can’t escape each other. And they need each other. Reminds me of a classroom, and a family.

I love summertime and being at home with my three kids and getting to have a ton of interaction, but I am use to seeing 30 kids for 90 minutes and then rotate-so 24 hours with my kids can be extremely challenging. Take today. I was working with Jake who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a physical disability that does not affect him mentally, on his Stanford Achievement Test. He was trying to decide if he was going to share his answer with an “unhunmnmnm” or an eyebrow raise; Jake can never make this easy on us, but he insists on having his way or he closes his eyes and ignores us, and we have to finish this test.

His sisters were suppose to be cleaning their room-which it appears included throwing heavy animated animals at each other. “Owwww” and hysterical crying disrupted our testing and in ran the 8 year old. “She threw this polar bear at me,” she sobbed with an occasional ear piercing dream inserted and the obligatory nose snort.

“I did not,” Scarlett retorted. “I threw it at the bed and she just happened to be between the bed and the toy.” Summer can be exhausting!

But, as I sit here listening to the show and my kids through the monitor, I am reminded why I had kids in the first place. When they are quiet and getting sleepy and all in the same room, the girls looking out for Jake and making sure his movie is running, he is warm/cool enough, and that he doesn’t need something to go to sleep.

I think about when they work best together is when they are doing something for someone else, and the quiet upstairs continues. This is part of why I had kids, to give a good person to the world who would look out for those who can’t and make difference. A person who was in-tune with those around her and put herself to the side to make sure they were taken care.

Unfortunately, these other people who need the girls’ help, do not include each other! My poor ears…..


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