The Vitamixer

I asked my parents for a juicer for Christmas because I wanted to get a bit healthier and I thought a juicer would allow me to do this without having to eat fruit for hours.  Mom picked up a Vitamixer at Costco and when I opened it on Christmas Day I was a bit taken back because I had no idea how ground up seeds and the skins were going to taste; after all, the juicer strained all that for you, right?  So the day after Christmas I got up and threw some frozen berries, a banana, and a cutie in the vitamix and set it to blend, poured it in a cup, and yummy!  Next day I added a grapefruit and made a trip to Aldi (the greatest cheap fresh fruit and veggie store around).  Since then I have added carrots and spinach to every blend…bananas and apples, frozen berries and grapefruit, lemons and limes.  The mixes have gotten yummier, with the exception of the one I added protein powder to yesterday-that was just gross!  Tonight we grabbed some kale and I am going to add a leaf tomorrow.  I have found that any of those veggies with extreme tastes (cucumber, celery, and probably kale) need to be added in small quantities and with a ton of fruit.  I haven’t lost any weight yet, although I am working out 2 hours each day while drinking these, but that is probably because I am eating pizza with the kids at night instead of sticking to my fruit/veggie smoothies.  I am hoping when I go back to school next week I will be able to do a 5 day cleanse-nothing but the fruit-Jake’s nurse, Adam, said he watched a documentary about a guy who did this for 30 days, got off insulin, and cured his high blood pressure.  Not suffering from any of these but the guy also lost a ton of weight, and I need to drop these last 35!

On a similar note, I am signing up for a triathlon on June 1st.  Not a very long one-200 yard swim, 2 mile run, and 8 mile bike-but I still need to train seriously for it.Currently I am walking uphill for 4.5+ miles each day at 4.6+ mph, so I am hoping ramping up to a 2 mile run won’t be that much of a change, but I don’t have anywhere to train the swim, and the summer league pool only opens 15 days before the race, so I need to get creative.  In addition, I don’t have a bike-train on a stationary and my ride around the neighborhood one is a cruiser-so I have to figure that one out.  I did do some resistance training on the stationary today and it kicked my butt!  I would crank the resistance up to 20 and the next thing I knew my HR was in the 150s! 

The goal here is health and exercise and diet are the best ways to start!  I am looking forward to a bikini worthy body in the summer, but more importantly a strong core, arms, and legs to continue being able to carry Jake and give him the life he deserves.  It is amazing how for years I used him as my excuse and now I use him as my motivation.


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