The Last Day of Winter Break

The funny thing about teachers and breaks, we always wait to the end to actually get anything done.  And can you blame us? 

One reason I teach is because I love kids and I love literature.  I enjoyed my time in Ms Beth Hinson’s English classes at Myers Park High School.  I thought she was phenomenal!  I loved how she dressed in colors-no joke, if she was having a red day, she wore red shoes with red tights, a red skirt with a red blouse, and she looked fantastic!  And she was a little on the gray side when I had her!  I loved how she brought passion to our Humanities class in 10th grade (so wish I could teach that class now!) and then how she trusted us to be brilliant in her AP Lit class our senior year.  And that was a hard class to get into-you had to write an essay and get teachers to recommend you.  It was an honor to have her as your teacher and you damn sure knew it!

But, let’s be real!  I get exhausted doing this stuff day in and day out just like the kids.  I see how hard I push them and know the exhaustion I am feeling is doubled, maybe tripled in their little brains.  I get excited when I find something new or a lesson goes beyond what I was hoping and everyone experiences the rush of new knowledge.  I am not immune; I learn something every day from my students, and I am forever grateful for this gift!  But there are times when we just need to turn it all off, and for me that means reading mind-candy novels and working my body to exhaustion in the gym…thus the reason I still have 24 junior papers to grade and simply a weekend left of my break!

I have been sending text messages to my kids all break to remember to do their State Exam practice on Edmodo-an AWESOME site where teachers can communicate with their students and ACTUALLY teach when they are out of the classroom.  Some of my more astute students have gotten to work and the results are making me feel confident of what they will produce on that FINAL EXAM.  Others, like me are procrastinating-and I can’t blame them! 

Breaks are awesome and energizing, but they can be detrimental as well.  I will be spending the next two days playing catch up on those papers-oh, did I mention I have 50 more essays about Catcher in the Rye that I haven’t even looked at! And I am hoping my sweet students who have put off the inevitable until the very last second join forces with me as we swamp through the necessary in order to prepare our minds for the GRAND FINALE! 

I feel their resistance and their need to relax and get every last drop of the relief we all need-but the time has come for us to get to the task at hand!  I will be feeling the pain with you these next two days, my darlings, and I know you will not disappoint me! 🙂


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